Goalplan is a collaboration tool that enables organizations with distributed employees to work better together. We helped Goalplan to streamline their brand and communication through a new brand platform, visual identity and website. The new brand identity is inspired by the people using the platform and emphasises the collective power that is fuelled by individuals’ potential and efforts. We wanted the human touch to shine through and an analogue feel to counter the digital space we operate in. Crush your goals with Goalplan!

Brand Platform
Visual Identity
UI Design
UX Design
Image of a guy shooting hoops on a court with Goalplan branding
Image of Headline and paragraph style for Goalplan Branding
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UI Design for goalplan on a phone
Font styles in goalplan visual identity
Color scheme in goalplan visual identity
Lapton on floor with Goalplan.se on display
Example of photo style for Goalplan Brand Identity
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Interface of Goalplan App with the new brand identity
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Dog in photo style of goalplan brand identity design
Woman with Goalplan cap in new brand identity colors
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In depth UI and UX examples of goalplan interface
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Several helped us find our way to convey our message in words and design. They know how to juggle between aesthetics and business needs and the art of packaging a brand. These folks don't just deliver, they dazzle.
Rasmus Solholm / CEO / Goalplan