Jeanerica is a premium denim house offering seasonless products in the most sustainable way, marrying specialized industrial with small-scale local production. To extend the fashion life cycle even more, Jeanerica decided to launch an archive shop for previous collections with the motto, “some pieces just need a little extra time and care to find their owner”. Several was given the task of creating a logo, an icon, and the UX/UI for the site based on the existing brand guidelines.

Brand Essentials
UI Design
Visual Identity
UX Design
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Mockup of Jeanerica Branding
Logo Sketching for Jeanerica Branding
Logo Ideation for Jeanerica Branding
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Box for Jeanerica Bradning
Snippet of UI Kit for Jeanerica Website and UX
Round Logo for Jeanerica
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Sketches for Jeanerica Archive
Ideating for Jeanerica Branding Project
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Processen med Several var både kul och trygg, man känner hela tiden att det här kommer bli riktigt bra. De är enkla, lyhörda, skapar rätt förväntningar och leverar ett bra resultat.
Jonas Clason / Creative Director / Jeanerica
Jag gillar kombinationen av kompetens man får från Several, balansen mellan strategi, tydlighet och kreativ höjd.
Märta Särnblad / Creative Producer / Jeanerica
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